Thursday, 16 May 2013

The name of toy is Vulli Sophie the Giraffe. It is used from birth to 24 months. It is very good for young babies because it has different features that encourage parents to buy it for babies. The neck and legs are long so babies can hold it easily. It is very flexible and has lots of parts for baby to chew during teething like ears,horns, legs . Then, Sophie the Giraffe is completely safe because it is made of 100%natural rubber and food paint. Finally, it is a cheap. It just coasts"18.75$" and now you can buy from our store.
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Thursday, 2 May 2013

   Parents are interested in choosing educational toys for their children. These toys encourage the children to learn specific skills through a fun and enjoyable way. Educational toys are designed to teach specific learning activities that children needs at various ages. They can teach children about every area of life.They promote 

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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Action and figure toys are a type of toys that characterize characters from a film, comic book, video game, or television program. These toys are made of plastic or other materials. Boys and adult prefer them because they represent traditional masculine traits and are associated with the public sphere. Superman is an action toy that does actions with attractive design. It is not a realistic character .
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Thursday, 25 April 2013

 Toys are important tools to develop children .Toys give children joy, enjoyment ,and experience that are necessary to learn about the people and the world. Toys have been associated with children throughout history and in all cultures, and will continue to do so . Toys strengthen sensory and motor skills in children, through: 1_Developing of motor skills , physical growth  
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The fact that you liked a toy when you were a child does not mean that your child will love it too because the age is different between you and your child. If you want to buy a right toy for your child , you need to follow these criteria:                                
·         Observations_ just watch your child closely to determine his personality, preferred activities ,and skills level. Thus, when your child is playing with his friends, observe if he manifests interest in any of his playmates' toys. If he does, then it’s very likely that he would like to have a toy similar the one his friend has. Sometimes, a child tells his parents what toy he wants or likes, thus saving them from a lot of hard work.
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